Just around the corner…

The robins arrived last week and that means spring is here!  The warmer temperatures and longer days are an inspiration to change the home decor.  How about this adorable little bird fabric for pillows to add a fresh new look of spring?bird fabric

In the Hoop

If you are looking for a fun project to complete fairly quickly, try one of the many “in the kitchen towel in hoophoop” embroidery collections!  We have several samples made up and a nice variety to choose from..

Neat product..

_thumbLast night I was playing around with some embroidery and I wanted to try out this new product we have called “Terial Magic”.  It is a liquid stabilizer that is pretty easy to use and I was impressed by how well it worked as a fabric stabilizer!  I plan to try it next on some t-shirts for a quilt.  We have some available here at the store.